Global Maritime Trust (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered shipping company incorporated
in 2001 engaged in ship owning and operations of PCC and dry bulk carrier.

2018 - 1q
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
SKY Mariner V53,459MTMarinero SA1 TCT inRed Sea to Pacific
Anna-Meta56,140MTJohann M. K. Blumenthal GmbH & Co KG1 TCT inPacific to India
Mallika Naree30,195MTDAMPSKIBSSELSKABET Norden A/S1 TCT inPG to Pacific
Clipper Bliss38,147MT Clipper Bulk Shipping Ltd.1 TCT inPacific to WCCA
Stellar Eagle55,989MTStellar Eagle Shipping LLC Trust Company1 TCT in B.Sea to Pacific
CH Bella 33,144MTChang Myung Shipping Co., Ltd 1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Ever Progress56,591MTPanocean Co., Ltd1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Xing Xi Hai60,492MTComerge Shipping Co., Limited1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Sam Falcon34,268MTSPV Sam Falcon Inc1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Tao Treasure25,036MTTao Treasure S.A 1 TCT inAust R/V
HTK Lucky28,481MTHTK Shipping and Import Export Company Limited1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Nord Savannah 37,067MTDAMPSKIBSSELSKABET Norden A/S 1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Aralia48,104MTAralia Shipping Limited.,1 TCT in S.Africa to Pacific
Eagle I-Star 61,403MTEagle Bulk Pte Ltd, Singapore 1 TCT in B.Sea to Pacific
Tao Mariner25,065MTTao Mariner S.ATC in3-5 Mos
Teng Da38,339MTTeng Da Marine Inc1 TCT inRed Sea to Pacific
Patmos John56,632MTPatmos Steamship S.A1 TCT in B.Sea to Pacific
East Bangkok32,474MTPanocean Co., Ltd1 TCT inAust R/V
Victoria61,620MT AMN Aquarius Inc1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Qing Yun Shan61,711MTRefined Success Ltd. BVI1 TCT in B.Sea to Pacific
World Sirius28,392MT Clipper Bulk Shipping Limited1 TCT in Red Sea to Pacific
Basic Princess38,037MTMeadway Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd 1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Shan Hu Hai39,780MTRefined Success Ltd. BVITC in4-6 Mos
Western Coronel 37,084MTAustbulk Shipping Pte. Ltd., Singapore1 TCT inW/I Pacific
DL Lavender35,187MTDaelim CorporationTC in3-5 Mos
Maple Harmony22,900MTMaple Harmony Maritime Limited1 TCT in
Tao Treasure25,036MTTao Treasure S.ATC in3-5 Mos
Navios Lyra34,718MTNavios Corporation1 TCT in W/I Pacific
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
Star Lily33,248MT Daiichi Chuo Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Kaptan Arif Bayraktar57,453MTEastern Bulk A/S1 TCT in W/I Red Sea
Aeriko63,351MTAshley Chartering Ltd1 TCT inB.Sea to Med
ST. George32,657MTKoronia Shipping Co.Ltd TC in2/3 LL
Lefkoniko56,810MTHudson Shipping LinesTC in2/3 LL
Asian Prominence62,466MTU-Ming Marine Transport (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.1 TCT inB.Sea to PG
Maria58,407MTBillis Incorporated1 TCT inB.Sea to Red Sea
Tao Brave25,065MT Tao Brave S.A 1 TCT in Aust R/V
Aegea75,115MTAegea Maritime Limited1 TCT in Pacific to India
Saint Dimitrios33,788MTZefxis Maritime Corp. 1 TCT inECSA to Pacific
Coreocean OL28,358MT Sammok Shipping Co., Ltd1 TCT in W/I Pacific
TS Challenge38,894MTTrithorn Bulk A/S1 TCT in Med to WCCA
CMB Adrien32,663MTBohandymar Limited1 TCT inW/I Pacific
CK Glory49,406MTSpark Shipping1 TCT inCIS to Pacific
Occitan Barsac27,112MTOccitan Bulkers Ltd1 TCT inPacific to S.Africa
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
Harvest Sun52,224MTAdmintermare1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Sealuck II 55,452MTAlvina Shipping Ltd1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
Last Tycoon34,569MTCelebes Wind Ltd1 TCT inAust R/V
Popora Wisdom28,344MTFortuna Seaside Bulk Carriers A/S1 TCT inW/I Pacific
KS Flora 35,678MTCargill International SA1 TCT inPacific to WCCA
Uni Auc One28,709MTYangtze Navigation (Asia) Co.,Ltd.1 TCT inPacific to WCCA
Asian Beauty28,218MTSouthern Cross Marine S.A1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Occitan Star27,141MTOccitan Bulkers Ltd1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Sun Grace33,745MTSun Ace Shipping Co., Ltd.1 TCT inCIS to Pacific
Rana38,566MTMS "Rana" Schiffahrtsgesellschaft MBH & Co. KG1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Moon Globe74,432MTAusca shipping limited 1 TCT inB.Sea to Pacific
DL Lilac 33,751MTDaelim Corporation1 TCT inPacific to WCCA
Happy Hiro32,609MTTaylor Maritime Agencies (HK) Limited1 TCT inCIS to Pacific
Tao Mariner25,065MTTao Mariner S. A1 TCT inAust R/V
Michel Selmer33,694MT Michel Selmer Shipping Limited1 TCT inB.Sea to Africa
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
Irongate28,000MT Eastern Pacific Chartering Inc1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Nicolaos A53,806MTIsland Gem Navigation Company Ltd, Nicosia1 TCT in W/I Pacific
Regal53,408MT Regal Shipping Lp1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Pacific Noble28,200MTHyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd.1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Star Zeta52,994MTStarbulk S.A.1 TCT in B.Sea to Med
Coreocean OL28,358MT Coreocean Maritme S.A. Panama1 TCT inCIS to Pacific
Ocean Happiness37,572MT Ocean Line Holdings Limited, Hong Kong1 TCT inCIS to Pacific
DL Lavender35,187MTDaelim Corporation1 TCT inRed Sea to Pacific
Placid Sea55,604MT Refined Success Limited 1 TCT inB.Sea to Med
Hercules56,545MTDHL Project&Chartering Limited1 TCT in S.Africa to Pacific
Asia Energy28,110MTAsia Energy Inc.1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Ocean Harmony32,040MTOcean Line Holdings Limited, Hong Kong 1 TCT in W/I Pacific
Ocean Spring33,633MTOcean Line Holdings Limited, Hong Kong1 TCT inW/I Pacific
Seastar Empress35,000MT Meadway Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd1 TCT inAust R/V
Strategic Savannah 37,296MTSbc Savannah Pte Ltd, Singapore1 TCT inPacfic to WCCA
Hoyana Wisdom21,118MT Seaside Navigation A/S 1 TCT inPacific to India
Narie36,643MT Polska Zegluga Morska P.P., Szczecin 1 TCT inPacific to WC Mexico
Great Legend52,385MTGreat Legend Shipping Limited 1 TCT in CIS to Pacific
Tao Treasure25,036MTTao Treasure S.A.1 TCT inRed Sea to Pacific
Globe Explorer28,316MTPacific Basin Handysize LimitedTC In2/3 LL
Mandarin Hantong56,740MTPan Ocean Co., Ltd.1 TCT inPacifc to Med