Global Maritime Trust (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered shipping company incorporated
in 2001 engaged in ship owning and operations of PCC and dry bulk carrier.

2023- 1q
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
Valor SW29,818MT Dong Lien Maritime S.A. Panama 1TCT W/I Pacific
HTK Lotus 28,441MT Htk Shipping and Import Expert Company limited 1TCT W/I Pacific
Atlantis Trade 37,226MT ATLANTIS TRADE SHIPPING CO. LTD 1TCT WCI to Pacific
Golden Atlantic 28,599MT VENUS GAS COMPANY LIMITED 1TCT Red sea to Pacific
Nordic Dalian 37,330MT NORDIC HANDYSIZE IV AS 1TCT WCI to Pacific
Taokas Wisdom 31,943MT Wisdom Chartering S.A 1TCT WCI to Pacific
Nedim 38,674MT Nedim Maritime Limited 1TCT Pacific to India
Zephyr Venture 43,459MT Sucden Armateurs 1TCT Pacific to WC Mexico
Al Saad 57,124MT Saif United Shipping and trading 1TCT W/I Pacific
Alentejo 36,041MT FHB Bertling Chartering and Ship management Pte Ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
Alis 58,000MT Cargil ocean Transportation Pte Ltd 1TCT Black sea to Pacific
Beetle 28,198MT Beetle Marine Ltd 1TCT PG to Med
Cielo Di Palermo 37,059MT Daiichi Chuo Kisen Kaisha 1TCT W/I Pacific
DL Tulip 33,694MT Dong-A Tanker Corp 1TCT Aust to Pacific
Fuat Bey 35,437MT Carrier Shipping and Trading S.A. 1TCT Pacific to Atlantic
Glovis Melody 55,705MT Hyundai Glovis Co, Ltd 1TCT Pacific R/V
Golden Flame 28,361MT Tongli Shipping Ptd, ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
Hai Phuong 87 32,701MT Hai Phuong company ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
Jin Rui 82 35,169MT Intelligent Navigation Co., Ltd 1TCT PG to Africa
KM Jakarta 63,406MT Transatlantica Commodities Pte Ltd 1TCT Pacific R/V
Lu Yang Shun 29,061MT Land-Sea Shipping Co., Ltd 1TCT PG to Pacific
New Joyful 64,691MT Pan Ocean Co., Ltd 1TCT Aust to Pacific
Sea Brave 23,649MT Sea Brave Shipping&Trading S.A. 1TCT W/I Med
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
Densa Falcon 36,752MT Oldendorff Caririers GMBH&Co. KG 1TCT Pacific to WCCA
Federal Innoko 63,480MT Fednav International Ltd 1TCT Africa to Pacific
Heli 37,452MT Asia Pacific Shippinc Company ltd 1TCT Conti to Med
Dyna Fortune 64,691MT Pan Ocean Co., Ltd., Seoul 1TCT W/I Pacific
Mallika Naree 30,195MT Precious Flowers Limited 1TCT W/I Pacific
Venus Halo 55,848MT MUR Shipping B.V. 1TCT W/I Pacific
Yangtze Flourish 32,503MT Yangtze navigation Pte Ltd 1TCT PG to Pacific
ST Andrew 31,800MT Mergalia Shipping Co., Ltd 1TCT W/I AUSTRALIA
Blessing SW 29,747MT Dong Lien Maritime S.A. Panama 1TCT Aust to Pacific
SSI Endeavour 37,910MT Sea Fox Shipping Inc. 1TCT Red Sea to Pacific
STR Lucky 28,339MT STR Transport Cpmpany Ltd 1TCT Pacific to Aust
Tan Binh 246 29,721MT Tan Binh Co., Ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
Tan Binh 256 28,701MT Tan Binh Co., Ltd 1TCT Red Sea to Pacific
ST Gregory 31,800MT Haryana Shipping Co.Ltd 1TCT Red Sea to Pacific
Trust Star 36,232MT Daiichi Chuo kisen kaisha 1TCT Pacific to WC Mexico
Ultra Esterhazy 38,228MT Lauritzen Bulkers A.S 1TCT Pacific to WC Mexico
Tai Splendor 60,618MT Drylog Trading Limited 1TCT pacific to WCCA
Shinsung Accord 37,063MT Harren Bulk Shipping GmbH & Co.KG 1TCT Red Sea to Pacific
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
Silver Lady 50,329MT Oriental Fleet Bulk 01 Limited, marshall Islands 1TCT W/I Australia
Italida 28,509MT Italida Navigation LP 1TCT Pacific to WCSA
Universe Wealthy 28,287MT Universe Wealthy Shippping Co.,Ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
Bei Lun 17 63,151MT Hainan Haijiang Logistics Co., Ltd TC in 5-7 Months
Carla 63,453MT Smart Gain Shipping Co., Ltd. 1TCT ECSA to Pacific
Darya Jamuna 36,845MT Jamuna Shipping Ltd 1TCT B/H
Global Unity 63,238MT Saranti Shipping Ltd 1TCT B/H
Pazeh Wisdom 18,969MT Wisdom Chartering S.A 1TCT Red Sea to Pacific
Schuyler Trader 35,439MT Raffles Shipping international Pte Ltd 1TCT PG to Pacific
Sen Treasure 29,029MT Hanaro Shippinh Co.,Ltd 1TCT Red Sea to Pacific
PVT Aroma 27,112MT Petrovietnam Transportation Hanoi JCS 1TCT W/I Pacific
Tampa Bay 29,671MT Pacific Basin Handysize Ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
Pearl Ivy 31,848MT Aurora of the sea shipping corporation 1TCT Pacific to WC Mexico
Alentejo 36,041MT F.H.Bertling Chartering and Ship Management Pte Ltd 1TCT WC mexico - ECCA
Great Intelligence 38,797MT PACC Line Pte Ltd 1TCT PG to Pacific
New Commander 37,187MT Oldendorff Carriers GMBH & Co. KG 1TCT Pacific to WC Mexico
Ocean Banquet 63,442MT Agricore Shipping Pte., Ltd TC in 4-6 Months
Fast 55,398MT Cross Shipmanagement Co. of Marshal Islands 1TCT Pacific to India
Great Cosmos 38,649MT Yangtze Navigation(Singapore) Pte.,Ltd 1TCT Aust to Pacific
Ken Toku 29,678MT INUI Global Logistics Co., Ltd 1TCT W/I Pacific
CL Contigo 38,800MT Conti-Lines NV TC in 2 LL
Obahan C 34,467MT Ecobulk Shipping Inc 1TCT ECSA to Pacific
IVS Knot 33,143MT Swire Bulk Pte.Ltd 1TCT Aust to Pacific
DL Lilic 33,752MT Dong-a tanker corp. TC in 4-6 Months
Uni Horizon 36,861MT Cargill Ocean Transportation 1TCT Pacific to WC Mexico
Tao brave 25,065MT Wisdom Chartering S.A 1TCT Aust R/V
Vessel Name DWT Owners / Charterers Type Remarks
African Loon 61,255MT MUR Shipping BV 1TCT B.Sea to Pacific
Beyond 2 34,126MT Hongkong Innovation Maritime Limited TC in 4-6 Months
Centurion Lucilla 40,054MT Centurion Bulk Pte Ltd 1TCT Pacific to PG
Maple Fortune 32,544MT Maple Leaf Bulk Carriers Limited 1TCT Pacific R/V
SSI Interceptor 63,896MT Ortena Shipping Inc. 1TCT Pacific to Indian
Hakata Queen 60,410MT Bunge S.A. 1TCT Pacific R/V
Arawana 32,318MT Raffles Shipping International Pte Ltd. 1TCT R.Sea to Pacific
Texel Island 61,453MT Lighthouse Navigation Pte Ltd 1TCT ECCA to Pacific
Federal Iris 63,498MT Fednav International Ltd, Montreal 1TCT Pacific to ECI
Advance 55,638MT Hasbro Investments Inc. 1TCT Pacific to ECI
Maple Breeze 31,807MT Maple Leaf Bulk Carriers Limited 1TCT Pacific R/V
Elpida GR 53,579MT Windforce Maritime Enterprises Inc. 1TCT Pacific to Indian
Kiran Asya 66,832MT Kirtrans Denizcilik Ve Tic. A.S. 1TCT Pacific to Indian
LV Daisy 32,618MT Newton Shipping LLC 1TCT R.Sea ro Med
Della 28,210MT Gemini Mare Ltd 1TCT R.Sea to Pacific
IVS Magpie 28,240MT BaltNav Singapore Pte. Ltd. 1TCT Aust R/V
Golden Maple 32,527MT Hangang Global Shipping Co., Ltd TC in 4-6 Months
DL Jasmine 33,737MT Dong-A tanker Corporation 1TCT Aust R/V